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Title: Relaciones tróficas de cinco especies de peces de interés comercial en la bahía de Cartagena, caribe colombiano
Authors: Cogua, Pilar
Jiménez-Reyes, M.F.
Duque, Guillermo
Keywords: Trophic characterization
Cartagena Bay
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Boletin de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras
Abstract: Trophic relationships of five species of commercial interest in Cartagena Bay, Colombian Caribbean. Cartagena Bay is a highly productive habitat which supports important aquatic communities and is considered an estuarine environment. During the sampling season, five commercial fish were captured: ladyfish (Elops smithi), machuelo (Opisthonema oglinum), mullet (Mugil incilis), sea bass (Centropomus ensiferus), and corvina (Cynoscion jamaicensis), all which stomach contents were analyzed. From all the fish captured, 82.6% presented contents in their stomachs, which were separated into 57 items, such as benthic microalgae, dinoflagellates, cyanophytes, sponges, mollusks, annelids, crustaceans, and fish. According to the Importance Relative Index (IRI), E. smithi, C. ensiferus, and C. jamaicensis were classified as third order consumers, O. oglinum as a second-order consumer, and M. incilis as first order consumer. The most contrasting result compared to other studies, is the found for O. oglinum, suggesting that this species is not only a filter feeding, but also a scale eater (lepidophagy).
ISSN: 0122-9761
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