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Title: Rearranged Terpenoids from the Marine Sponge Darwinella cf. oxeata and Its Predator, the Nudibranch Felimida grahami
Authors: A. Ramirez, Maria Camila
Gubiani, Juliana R.
L. Parra, Lizbeth L.
C. Santos, Mario F.
Williams, David E.
D. Ferreira, Daiane
T. Mesquita, Juliana
Tempone, Andre G.
Ferreira, Antonio G.
Padula, Vinícius
Hajdu, Eduardo
Andersen, Raymond J.
S. Berlinck, Roberto G.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Journal of Natural Products
Abstract: Marine sponges are a rich source of terpenoids with rearranged spongian carbon skeletons. Investigation of extracts from the sponge Darwinella cf. oxeata yielded four new rearranged diterpenoids, oxeatine (2) and oxeatamides H-J (3-5), as well as the known metabolites oxeatamide A (6), oxeatamide A methyl ester (7), and membranolide (1). Oxeatine (2) has a new heterocyclic skeleton, while oxeatamide J (5) has an N-methyl urea group included in a γ-lactam moiety. UPLC-QTOF analysis of the extract obtained from the mantle of the nudibranch Felimida grahami indicated the presence of 1 and 4.
ISSN: 0163-3864
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