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Title: A Photochemical and Electrochemical Triggered Bis(hydrazone) Switch
Authors: Gordillo, Mónica A.
Soto-Monsalve, Mónica
Carmona-Vargas, Christian C.
Gutierrez, Gustavo
D'vries, Richard F.
Lehn, Jean-Marie
Chaur, Manuel N.
Keywords: Bis(hydrazone);configurational isomers;photoisomerization;supramolecular chemistry;thiopyrimidine
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Chemistry - A European Journal
Abstract: Herein, we report the synthesis of a double hydrazone capable of undergoing photochemical E/Z isomerization through the imine double bonds. The bis(hydrazone) 1-E,E can be considered as a ""two-arm"" system in which the controlled movement of each arm is obtained by photo-modulation, making possible the appearance of two isolable metastable isomeric states 1-E,Z and 1-Z,Z. Such states are characterized by very specific structural, optical and electrochemical properties. The latter, allows the reversible return from either 1-E,Z or 1-Z,Z to the 1-E,E state. Our results are of great importance in the further development of molecular machines and photochemically controlled reactions by introducing for the first time double hydrazones as tunable photochemical switches.
ISSN: 1521-3765
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