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dc.contributor.authorGomez, Humberto-
dc.description.abstractIn this work we show how a double-cover (DC) extension of the Cachazo, He and Yuan formalism (CHY) can be used to provide a new realization for the factorization of the amplitudes involving gluons and scalar fields. First, we propose a graphic representation for a color-ordered Yang-Mills (YM) and special Yang-Mills-Scalar (YMS) amplitudes within the scattering equation formalism. Using the DC prescription, we are able to obtain an algorithm (integration-rules) which decomposes amplitudes in terms of three-point building-blocks. It is important to remark that the pole structure of this method is totally different to ordinary factorization (which is a consequence of the scattering equations). Finally, as a byproduct, we show that the soft limit in the CHY approach, at leading order, becomes trivial by using the technology described in this paper. © 2019, The Author(s).en_US
dc.publisherSpringer Verlagen_US
dc.subjectDifferential and Algebraic Geometryen_US
dc.subjectField Theories in Higher Dimensionsen_US
dc.subjectScattering Amplitudesen_US
dc.subjectTopological Stringsen_US
dc.titleScattering equations and a new factorization for amplitudes. Part I. Gauge theoriesen_US
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