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Title: The reactor antineutrino anomaly and low energy threshold neutrino experiments
Authors: Cañas, Blanca C.
Garcés, Estela A.
Miranda, Omar G.
Parada, Alexander
Issue Date: 10-Jan-2018
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Abstract: Short distance reactor antineutrino experiments measure an antineutrino spectrum a few percent lower than expected from theoretical predictions. In this work we study the potential of low energy threshold reactor experiments in the context of a light sterile neutrino signal. We discuss the perspectives of the recently detected coherent elastic neutrino–nucleus scattering in future reactor antineutrino experiments. We find that the expectations to improve the current constraints on the mixing with sterile neutrinos are promising. We also analyze the measurements of antineutrino scattering off electrons from short distance reactor experiments. In this case, the statistics is not competitive with inverse beta decay experiments, although future experiments might play a role when compare it with the Gallium anomaly. © 2017 The Authors
ISSN: 03702693
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