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Title: Alternative Measurement Instrument to Evaluate Executive Functions in Children of All Scholar Range
Authors: Martínez Ortega, Sara Virginia
Sarria Paja, Milton
Keywords: Executive functions;Inhibition control;Viso-spatial work memory;Cognitive flexibility;Procesing speed;Kinect;Python;Pygame;QT;OpenCV
Issue Date: 26-Apr-2019
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc
Abstract: Problems related to executive functions can be characterized as weaknesses in a set of mental skills that are key during the learning process. Child neuropsychologists are often asked to determine whether a child experiencing dificulties in the academic setting has a specific learning disability attentional deficit, memory impairment, or some combination of these problems. Typically, the diagnosis is carried out by using a set of standardized questionnaires, which are not friendly and put a lot of stress over the evaluated child. In this work is propose a measurement instrument using computational tools to evaluate the principal dimensions of the executive functions: viso-spatial work memory, phonological work memory, processing speed, inhibition control, planning and organization, and cognitive flexibility, in children of all scholar range (6 to 16 years old). Conclusive results have not be obtained yet, as this is the initial stage of development.
ISBN: 978-172811491-0
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