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Title: Cross-ratio identities and higher-order poles of CHY-integrand
Authors: Cardona, Carlos A.
Feng, Bo
Gomez, Humberto
Huang, Rijun
Keywords: Differential and Algebraic Geometry
Scattering Amplitudes
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2016
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Abstract: The evaluation of generic Cachazo-He-Yuan(CHY)-integrands is a big challenge and efficient computational methods are in demand for practical evaluation. In this paper, we propose a systematic decomposition algorithm by using cross-ratio identities, which provides an analytic and easy to implement method for the evaluation of any CHY-integrand. This algorithm aims to decompose a given CHY-integrand containing higher-order poles as a linear combination of CHY-integrands with only simple poles in a finite number of steps, which ultimately can be trivially evaluated by integration rules of simple poles. To make the method even more efficient for CHY-integrands with large number of particles and complicated higher-order pole structures, we combine the Λ-algorithm and the cross-ratio identities, and as a by-product it provides us a way to deal with CHY-integrands where the Λ-algorithm was not applicable in its original formulation. © 2016, The Author(s).
ISSN: 11266708
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