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Title: Dimensions and indicators of the information quality in digital media
Authors: Romero-Rodríguez, Luis M.
De-Casas-moreno, Patricia
Torres-Toukoumidis, Ángel
Keywords: Digital journalism
Digital media
Information quality
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2016
Publisher: Grupo Communicar Ediciones
Abstract: The current information ecosystem, crossed by a logic mediamorphosis, is increasingly generating the emergence of digital media and information portals that do not follow the formal publishing procedures of conventional media. The crisis of traditional media has also changed the way we become informed. However, information quality remains a factor for discussion in the absence of unified criteria for analysis. In this regard, the question arises: how do we evaluate and assess the quality of information in digital media? This study aims to seek agreement between academics and media professionals on the areas and dimensions of information quality of digital media according to objective or quantifiable values. For this, a taxonomy of the dimensions related to information quality was created, based on the review of scientific literature and further evaluated and validated by 40 experts, including scholars and media professionals alike, who focused on verifying the classification's reliability. As a result, three macro areas of information quality, containing 21 areas, inherently comprised of a total of 75 dimensions, were validated. Lastly, this study proposes a structured model that will allow for the analysis of information quality of digital media, both in its pre-information phase catalogued in the media-business and on the media-workers' socio-occupational characteristics, as well as its final product and informational content.
ISSN: 11343478
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