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Title: The importance of cardiopulmonary arrest registry
Authors: Valencia, Wilson
Husbands, Johnnie Smith
Navarro, José Ricardo
Keywords: Cardiac arrest
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Registry template
Brain death
Data collection method
Medical information
Issue Date: 6-Aug-2016
Publisher: Pulsus Group Inc.
Abstract: Since 1991, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) applies registry templates to register cardiopulmonary arrest events and the treatment given to the patient in every case. This information is registered in a database that is useful to improve the cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines. For this reason, the ILCOR has introduced some changes to the registry template in several occasions, in order to obtain better results. The information collected on the registry templates is also useful for an epidemiological approach to the cardiopulmonary arrest. Unfortunately, this template is whether not applied or not correctly applied in many countries. The changes on the ILCOR's registry aim to facilitate the filling of the form. National and Local Health Services must implement its use, since it will allow to improve CA information all over the world. © 2016.
ISSN: 17555302
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