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Title: Análisis del manejo del talento humano de los protocolos y normas técnicas y de la percepción sobre la educación recibida por los usuarios Programa de Detección Temprana. Colombia, 2002-2007
Other Titles: Analysis of Human Resource management protocols and technical standards and perception of education received by users. Early Detection Program. Colombia, 2002-07
Authors: Vargas-Peña, Gilma Stella
Gómez-Zona, Andrés Leonardo
Roa-Piedrahita, Adriana
Keywords: Growth and Development;Health Education and Quality Assurance Health Care;Maternal and Child Health;Prevention & Control;Colombia;Education;Female;Health Survey;Human;Human Experiment;Information Processing;Perception;Resource Management
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2015
Publisher: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Abstract: Objective: to analyze management protocols and standards, and the perception of users about the education received in three early detection programs in Colombia. 2002-07. Methodology: a retrospective descriptive study of transversal cut was made, according to records from the National Demographic and Health Survey 2007 (ENDS). Findings: 57% of the workforce was in public institutions, the female predominance (67%), the 21-30 years (44%), and labor fexibility (56%). Compliance Protocols, holding (85%) knowledge (96%), using (98%) and availability (74%) and technical standards, holding (93%) and availability (68%). 79.2% of maternal education perceived to check again, and other programs, 90%. Conclusion: was not met in 100% established protocols and standards, in what may have influenced labor flexibility and the discouragement of public health programs, in response to the neoliberal system and to the detriment of quality.
ISSN: 16577027
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