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Title: Humanismo y poshumanismo: Dos visiones del futuro humano
Other Titles: Humanism and posthumanism: Two views of the human future
Authors: Herazo-Bustos, Mariana Isabel
Cassiani-Miranda, Carlos Arturo
Keywords: Dignity;Humanism;Posthumanism;Technology
Issue Date: 2-May-2015
Publisher: Universidad del Norte
Abstract: Humanism and posthumanism are two different intellectual movements, which are related to the understanding of human being. Renaissance and modernity humanism consider that human being is the autonomous subject of modernity, owner of the will and only possessor of reason, which distinguishes him from other species. This humanism, a worldwide view that supported Western thought for years, has been severely criticized by philosophers who emphasized the theoretical and ethical limitations inspired by the emergence of cybernetics and new technologies. Posthumanism, through scientific research and advanced technologies, advocates the reconfiguration of human nature and the creation of beings biologically and technologically superior to Homo sapiens. This is possible by improving brain function, controlling procreation, delaying aging, and thus achieve immortality. The occurrence of this way of seeing the world can be overcome from the humanistic longing, by exalting in its entirety the qualities of human nature and by giving rational and moral meaning to life. The project of human enhancement exerts an extensive and profound influence on culture and contemporary society. Therefore, we provide a critique of these positions from a synergistic approach. © 2015, Universidad del Norte. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 01205552
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