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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01Decrease of antimicrobial resistance through polyelectrolyte-coated nanoliposomes loaded with β-lactam drugArévalo, Lina M.; Yarce, Cristhian J.; Oñate-Garzón, José Fernando; Salamanca, Constain H.
2019-02-05Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of cationic peptides loaded in surface-modified nanoliposomes against foodborne bacteriaCantor, Stefania; Vargas, Lina; Rojas, Oscar E.A.; Yarce, Cristhian J.; Salamanca, Constain H.; Oñate-Garzón, José Fernando
2019Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Cationic Peptides Loaded in Surface-Modified Nanoliposomes against Foodborne BacteriaCantor, Stefania; Vargas, Lina; Rojas A., Oscar E.; Yarce, Cristhian J.; Salamanca, Constain H.; Oñate-Garzón, Jose
2019Decrease of Antimicrobial Resistance through Polyelectrolyte-Coated Nanoliposomes Loaded with β-Lactam DrugArévalo, Lina M.; Yarce, Cristhian J.; Oñate-Garzón, José; Salamanca, Constain H.
2019-10-21Synthesis, characterisation and biological evaluation of ampicillin-chitosan-polyanion nanoparticles produced by ionic gelation and polyelectrolyte complexation assisted by high-intensity sonicationCiro, Yhors; Rojas, John; Oñate Garzon, Jose; Salamanca, Constain H.
2019-11-27Increases in hydrophilicity and charge on the polar face of alyteserin 1c helix change its selectivity towards gram-positive bacteriaLiscano, Yamil; Salamanca, Constain H.; Vargas, Lina; Cantor, Stefania; Laverde Rojas, Valentina; Oñate Garzón, José