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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12-18Electrochemical reduction processes on glassy carbon electrode of 2-Amino-4-phenylthiazoles.Morales-Morales, Jimmy Alexander; Salazar-Osorio, M.; Florez-López, E.
2018-12-10Improvement of the quality of wastewater in a printing industry by physicochemical methods and Fenton treatment.Morales-Lame, Ronal; Castro-Ordóñez, Oscar; Jaramillo-Aguirre, Alonso; Castro-Narváez, Sandra Patricia
2018-12-10Study of the electrochemical oxidation of 2-Thiazolamine and 2-Oxazolamine on a platinum wire as working electrodeMorales-Morales, Jimmy Alexander; Villamarin, A. F.; Florez-López, E.; Rios-Acevedo, J. J.
2018-10-10The use of high-resolution historical images to analyse the Leopard pattern in the arid area of La Alta Guajira, ColombiaFuentes, José; Varga, Diego; Pintó, Josep
2018-11-01Search for lepton-number-violating signals in the charm sectorMilanés, Diego A.; Quintero, Néstor
2018-03-06The role of the peritrophic matrix and red blood cell concentration in Plasmodium vivax infection of Anopheles aquasalisBaia-Da-Silva, Djane Clarys; Alvarez, Luis Carlos Salazar; Lizcano, Omaira Vera; Costa, Fábio Trindade Maranhão; Lopes, Stefanie C. P.; Orfanó, Alessandra Silva; Pascoal, Denner Oliveira; Nacif-Pimenta, Rafael; Rodriguez, Íria Cabral; Guerra, Maria Das Graças Vale Barbosa; Lacerda, Marcus V. G.; Secundino, Nagilá Francinete Costa; Monteiro, Wuelton Marcelo; Pimenta, Paulo Filemon Paolucci
2018-06-06CRP-cAMP mediates silencing of Salmonella virulence at the post-transcriptional levelEl Mouali, Youssef; Gaviria-Cantin, Tania; Sánchez-Romero, María Antonia; Gibert, Marta; Westermann, Alexander J.; Vogel, Jörg; Balsalobre, Carlos
2018-07-01Factors associated with adherence to physical activity in patients with chronic non-communicable diseaseQuiroz-Mora, Carlos A.; Serrato-Ramírez, Diana M.; Bergonzoli Peláez, Gustavo
2018-12-02Structural, spectroscopic, and theoretical analysis of a molecular system based on 2-((2-(4- chlorophenylhydrazone)methyl)quinoloneRomero, Elkin L.; Soto-Monsalve, Mónica; Gutiérrez, Gustavo; Zuluaga, Fabio; D'Vries, Richard F.; Chaur, Manuel N.
2018-07-01Risk assessment in water treatment processes for the development of a water safety plan – WSPPérez-Vidal, Andrea; Escobar-Rivera, Juan Carlos; Torres-Lozada, Patricia