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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-20Charged current b →cτ ν τ anomalies in a general W′ boson scenario CHARGED CURRENT B →cτ ν τ ... GÓMEZ, QUINTERO, and ROJASGómez, John D.; Quintero, Nestor; Rojas, Eduardo
2019-04-09Presence of Listeria monocytogenes in fresh artisanal cheese marketed in Cali-ColombiaOcampo Ibañez, Ivan Dario; González, Carlos; Lucia Moreno, Sara; Calderón, Cristina; Flórez Elvira, Liliana Janeth; Olaya, María Beatriz; Rivera Sánchez, Sandra Patricia; Lesmes, María Cristina
2019-07-02Dominant yeasts associated to mango (Mangifera Indica) and rose apple (syzygium malaccense) fruit pulps investigated by culture-based methodsRamírez Castrillón, Mauricio; Usman, Luisa m.; Silva bedoya, Lina m.; Osorio Cadavid, Esteban
2019-11-20Rapanone, a naturally occurring benzoquinone, inhibits mitochondrial respiration and induces HepG2 cell deathPardo Andreu, Gilberto L.; Zuccolotto DosReis, Felipe; González Durruthy, Michael; Delgado Hernández, René; D'Vries, Richard F.; Vanden Berghe, Wim; C. Alberici, Luciane
2019-11-25Development and implementation of a water-safety plan for drinking-water supply system of Cali, ColombiaPérez Vidal, Andrea; Escobar Rivera, Juan Carlos; Torres Lozada, Patricia
2019-09-01Treatment of a synthetic colored effluent in raceway reactors: The role of operational conditions on the environmental performance of a photo-Fenton processPrato Garcia, Dorian; Robayo Avendaño, Angélica
2019-09-14Physical condition in older adults for elderly groups in Cali (Colombia)Cucuñame, Y.Figueroa; Lasso Largo, C.I.; Gómez Ramírez, E.; Montaño, Y.A.; Urbano Muñoz, E.
2019-09-26Design, theoretical study and correlation of the electronic and optical properties of diethynylphenylthiophene as photovoltaic materialsSuarez, Melissa; Caicedo, Carolina; Morales, Jimmy; Flórez López, Edwin; Ávila Torres, Yenny
2019-03-18Detection of carbapenemase-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Evaluation of the carbapenem inactivation method (CIM)Gutiérrez, Sergio; Correa, Adriana; Hernández Gómez, Cristhian; De La Cadena, Elsa; Pallares, Christian; Villegas, María Virginia
2019-10-12Optical and electronic properties of nickel(II) coordinated to chiral amino-alcohols. An experimental and theoretical studyValencia, Israel; López Sandoval, Horacio; Ávila Torres, Yenny; Castro, Miguel; Barba Behrens, Noráh