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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-10Deviations to Tri-Bi-Maximal mixing in the limit of μ − τ symmetryRivera-Agudelo, Diana C.; Tostado, S. L.; Pérez-Lorenzana, A.
2019-03-27Aerobic exercise in patients with heart failure with and without ventricular dysfunction in a cardiac rehabilitation programmeÁvila-Valencia, Juan Carlos; Hurtado-Gutiérrez, Hugo; Benavides Córdoba, Vicente; Betancourt-Peña, J.
2019-05-01Scattering equations and a new factorization for amplitudes. Part I. Gauge theoriesGomez, Humberto
2019-05-01Scattering equations and a new factorization for amplitudes. Part II. Effective field theoriesGomez, Humberto; Helset, Andreas
2019-04-17Protein profile of different cellular fractions from Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains after exposure to isoniazidNieto Ramirez, Luisa María; Mehaffy, Carolina; Dobos, Karen M.
2019-03-04Karyopherin Msn5 is involved in a novel mechanism controlling the cellular level of cell cycle regulators Cln2 and Swi5Quilis, Inma; Taberner, Francisco José; Martínez-Garay, Carlos Andrés; Alepuz, Paula M.; Igual, Juan Carlos
2019-03-01Decrease of antimicrobial resistance through polyelectrolyte-coated nanoliposomes loaded with β-lactam drugArévalo, Lina M.; Yarce, Cristhian J.; Oñate-Garzón, José Fernando; Salamanca, Constain H.
2019-01-01Benefits of SpinBOT playful robotic environment in the development of cognitive abilitiesAcevedo-Londoño, Jairo A.; Caicedo-Bravo, Eduardo Francisco; Castillo-García, Javier Ferney
2019-04-10Conductimetry: A rapid alternative technique for chlorides determination in cheeseAguirre-Londoño, Jessica; Aristizabal-Ferreira, Víctor Alexander; Castro-Narváez, Sandra Patricia; Ramírez-Navas, Juan S.
2019-01-01Intercultural components in the multimodal structure of a language learning websiteFernández Benavides, Alejandro