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    • 100 años de frases publicitarias: análisis del texto publicitario en la revista Cromos 1916-2015 

      León Muñoz, John Jairo; Díaz Jordán, Ana María; Cortés Pardo, Ingrid Paola; Guzmán Amaya, Diego Fernando; Pablo Aguilera, Pedro (Editorial Universidad Santiago de Cali, 2018)
      La revista Cromos documentó los acontecimientos que se dieron a lo largo de 100 años. De esta manera, hacer el análisis de la publicidad y específicamente del texto publicitario, condujo a tener de primera mano un ...
    • 1020 steel coated with Ti/TiN by Cathodic Arc and Ion Implantation 

      Bermeo, F.; Quintana, Juan Pablo; Kleiman, Ariel; Sequeda, Federico O.; Márquez, Adrianna Beatriz (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2017-03-08)
      TiN coatings have been widely studied in order to improve mechanical properties of steels. In this work, thin Ti/TiN films were prepared by plasma based immersion ion implantation and deposition (PBII&D) with a cathodic ...
    • 1D lanthanide coordination polymers based on lanthanides and 4′-hydroxi-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid: Synthesis, structures and luminescence properties 

      D'vries Arturo, Richard Fernando; Gomez, German E.; Mondragon, Lina Paola; Onna, Diego; Barja, Beatriz C.; Soler Illia, Galo; Ellena, Javier (Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2019)
      A new family of 1D coordination polymers with formula [Ln(4-OHBBA) 3 (H 2 O) 2 ] and a new 3D supramolecular network topology was obtained. Photoluminescence and sensing tests of doped compounds were performed. Synopsis A ...
    • 1D lanthanide coordination polymers based on lanthanides and 4′-hydroxi-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid: Synthesis, structures and luminescence properties 

      D'vries Arturo, Richard Fernando; Gomez, German E.; Mondragon, Lina Paola; Onna, Diego; Barja, Beatriz C.; Soler-Illia, Galo J.A.A.; Ellena, Javier (Academic Press Inc., 2019-03-29)
      Synopsis: A family of coordination polymers with formula [Ln(4-OHBBA) 3 (H 2 O) 2 ] with a new 3D supramolecular network topology was obtained. Luminescence properties were studied. Resume: A new family of 1D coordination ...
    • 40 años bailando Salsa en Cali: investigación, comunicación y cultura 

      Guzmán, Diego Fernando; Gómez Cotta, Camilia; Sánchez, Angélica María (Universidad Santiago de cali, 2014-12-28)
      Este artículo da cuenta de parte de los hallazgos del proyecto liderado por el semillero de investigación «teXXIdos», de la Universidad Santiago de Cali, denominado «40 Años Bailando Salsa en Cali». La investigación, ...
    • 60 AÑOS DE LA USC 

      Universidad Santiago de Cali (Universidad Santiago de Cali, 2018)
    • A conceptual model for decentralized municipal wastewater management 

      Bernal Suárez, Diana Paola (IWA Publishing, 2018-03-01)
      This paper proposes a conceptual model for selecting the centralization level for wastewater management in urban areas, which is associated with main sewage collectors and wastewater treatment facilities. The model is ...
    • A facile synthesis of stable β-amino-N-/O-hemiacetals through a catalyst-free three-component Mannich-type reaction 

      Abonia, Rodrigo; Castillo, Juan C.; Garay, Alexander; Insuasty, Braulio; Quiroga, Jairo; Nogueras, Manuel; Cobo, Justo; D'vries Arturo, Richard Fernando (Elsevier Ltd, 2017-03-02)
      A practical, straightforward and one-step procedure for the synthesis of novel and stable b-amino-N-/Ohemiacetals (i.e. c-aminoalcohols) is provided. The title compounds were obtained in good to excellent yields through ...
    • A low-cost, free-software platform with hard real-time performance for control engineering education 

      González Vargas, Andrés M.; Serna Ramirez, Juan M.; Fory Aguirre, Carlos; Ojeda Misses, Alejandro; Cardona Ordoñez, John M.; Tombé Andrade, Jimmy; Soria López, Alberto (John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2018-11-04)
      In this paper, we present a novel portable servomechanism control platform for educational purposes. The platform main features are: low cost, reliable and robust hardware, high‐speed USB interface, free open source software ...
    • A mathematical model for the optimal scheduling of smart home electrical loads 

      Moya Chavez, Francisco David; Da Silva, Luiz C. P.; Lopez A., Juan C. (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society, 2018-01-01)
      This study develops a mathematical model for the optimal scheduling of controllable electrical loads in a smart home - MCELS. The goal of the MCELS is to minimize the total cost of the energy consumed by the smart house ...
    • A new algorithm for detecting and correcting bad pixels in infrared images 

      Restrepo Girón, Andrés David; Loaiza Correa, Humberto (Ingenieria e Investigacion, 2010-07-22)
      An image processing algorithm detects and replaces abnormal pixels individually, highlighting them amongst their neighbours in a sequence of thermal images without affecting overall texture, like classical filtering does. ...
    • A note on the use of dolphins as bait in the artisanal fisheries off Bahía Solano, Chocó, Colombia 

      Avila, Isabel C.; García, Carolina; Bastidas, Juan Carlos (Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, 2008)
      We evaluated dolphin hunting for bait in Bahía Solano, Chocó, Colombia, from July 2005 to April 2006. We interviewed 122 fishermen (18.2% of the registered fishermen in the zone) and obtained data from landings at a fishing ...
    • A novel and low-complexity peak detection algorithm for heart rate estimation from low-amplitude photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals 

      Argüello Prada, Erick Javier; Serna Maldonado, Rafael Daniel (Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2019-03)
      Low-amplitude PPG signals are more affected by noise contamination and other undesirable effects because the signal strength is comparable to noise power. Although several authors claim that decreases in the amplitude of ...
    • A search engine optimization recommender system 

      Hoyos, Christian D.; Duque, Juan C.; Barco, Andres F.; Vareilles, Elise (CEUR-WS, 2019-09-19)
      Search Engine Optimization reefers to the process of improving the position of a given website in a web search engine results. This is typically done by adding a set of parameters and metadata to the hypertext files of the ...
    • A SSVEP-BCI setup based on Depth-of-Field 

      Cotrina, Anibal; Botti Benevides, Alessandro; Castillo Garcia, Javier; Botti Benevides, Alessander; Rojas Vigo, David; Ferreira, Andre; Bastos Filho, Teodiano Freire (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2017-02-23)
      In optical systems, the range of distance near the point of focus where objects are perceived sharply is referred as depth-of-field; objects outside this region are defocused and blurred. Furthermore, ophthalmology studies ...
    • A vuelo de pájaro por cali - Calidoscopio. Diversidad cultural y natural en Santiago de Cali 

      Castañeda Zuluaga, Leydy Lorena (Editorial Universidad Santiago de Cali, 2020)
      aproximadamente 1.900 especies de las cuales 197 de ellas son migratorias. Colombia es un país privilegiado por sus riquezas naturales, por su variedad, su belleza geográfica y por la diversidad de sus ecosistemas. Al ser ...
    • Abandono del cargo como falta gravísima y consecuencias en el ordenamiento jurídico Colombiano 

      Hernández Mejía, Freddy (Universidad Santiago de CaliFacultad de DerechoEspecialización en Derecho Administrativo, 2021)
      Investigating the very serious offenses Abandonment of office for unjustified legal and disciplinary causes in the field of public function leads to analyze its conception and its scope, on the different actors that are ...
    • El abandono del cargo público frente a la falta disciplinable en Colombia 

      Martinez Ruiz, Katerine (Universidad Santiago de CaliFacultad de DerechoEspecialización en Derecho Administrativo, 2017)
      In the present investigation, it was sought to determine whether, in accordance with the jurisprudence of the Council of State, the abandonment of the charge generates a disciplinary punishable offense autonomous, independently ...
    • El abandono del derecho subjetivo de adjudicación de vivienda en Cali y su revocatoria 

      Barona Umaña, Rowlin Fabian (Universidad Santiago de CaliFacultad de DerechoDerecho, 2020)
      In this monograph, the general objective was the ocurrence of the phenomenon of the abandonment of the excercise and abandonment of the subjective right of housing adjudication, as a component of the direct revocation ...
    • Abecedario de la quimera Maqroll Volumen I 

      Zambrano García, Alcy (Editorial Universidad Santiago de Cali, 2018)
      Camino a la sombra que en medio de la canícula se abre en la ribera. El río danza con los caliches haciéndolos sonar en sus entrañas. Es un canto que anuncia la llegada del invierno.