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    • Análisis del consentimiento informado y la prueba conducente respetando la autonomía del paciente 

      Ramírez Mosquera, Diana Marcela (Universidad Santiago de CaliFacultad de DerechoDerecho, 2020)
      In our country the acquainted consent is submitted with medical care, arises with the relationship “doctor-patient” and has had a long and extensive history in the legal system in order to be recognized and report the ...
    • Auditoria en Trauma y Soat 

      Cardozo Mercado, Jhovany Andrés (Universidad Santiago de CaliFacultad de SaludEspecialización en Auditoria en Salud, 2020)
      Compulsory traffic accident insurance (SOAT) essentially covers the bodily damage caused in an accident, but leaves the damage to the property (usually damage to cars or fixed objects) of the subjects involved in an accident. ...