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    • Evaluation of Chemical Diversity in the Exotic Bryozoan Amathia verticillata 

      dos Santos, Larissa Alessandra; G. Clavico, Etiene E.; L. Parra, Lizbeth Lorena; S. Berlinck, Roberto G.; Ferreira, Antônio Gilberto; Paul, Valerie J.; Crespo Pereira, Renato (Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society, 2017)
      The present investigation tests the effects against feeding by fishes of crude extracts obtained from eleven distinct populations of the bryozoan Amathia verticillata, an invasive species found globally in tropical to ...
    • OxaD: A Versatile Indolic Nitrone Synthase from the Marine-Derived Fungus Penicillium oxalicum F30 

      Newmister, Sean A.; Gober, Claire M.; Romminger, Stelamar; Yu, Fengan; Tripathi, Ashootosh; L. Parra, Lizbeth Lorena; Williams, Robert M.; S. Berlinck, Roberto G.; Joullie, Madeleine M.; Sherman, David H. (Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016)
      Indole alkaloids are a diverse class of natural products known for their wide range of biological activities and complex chemical structures. Rarely observed in this class are indolic nitrones, such as avrainvillamide and ...