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    • Exploring physical and chemical properties in new multifunctional indium-, bismuth-, and zinc-based 1D and 2D coordination polymers 

      Gomez, German E.; D'vries Arturo, Richard Fernando; Lionello, Diego Fernando; Aguirre Díaz, Lina María; Costa, Cristina; Mariana, Spinosa; Fuertes, Maria Cecilia; Pizarro, Ramon A.; Kaczmarek, Anna M.; Ellena, Javier; Rozes, Laurence; Iglesias, Marta; Deun, Rik Van; Sanchez, Clement; Monge, Angeles; Soler Illia, Galo (Dalton Transactions, 2017)
      Main group elements coordination polymers (MGE-CPs) are important compounds for the development of multifunctional materials. However, studies regarding to structural, optical, catalitic, mechanical or antibacterial ...