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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-01CHY loop integrands from holomorphic formsGomez, Humberto; Mizer, Sebastian; Zhang, Guojun
2016-10-12CHY-graphs on a torusCardona, Carlos A.; Gomez, Humberto
2016-04-01Computation of contour integrals on ℳ0,nCachazo, Freddy; Gomez, Humberto
2016-09-01Cross-ratio identities and higher-order poles of CHY-integrandCardona, Carlos A.; Feng, Bo; Gomez, Humberto; Huang, Rijun
2016-06-01Elliptic scattering equationsCardona, Carlos A.; Gomez, Humberto
2019-02-15New factorization relations for nonlinear sigma model amplitudesBjerrum-Bohr, Niels Emil Jannik; Gomez, Humberto; Helset, Andreas
2019-01-15New factorization relations for Yang-Mills amplitudesBjerrum-Bohr, Niels Emil Jannik; Damgaard, Poul Henrik; Gomez, Humberto
2018-05-01Non-planar one-loop Parke-Taylor factors in the CHY approach for quadratic propagatorsAhmadiniaz, Naser; Gomez, Humberto; Lopez-Arcos, Cristhiam
2017-10-01One-loop Parke-Taylor factors for quadratic propagators from massless scattering equationsGomez, Humberto; Lopez-Arcos, Cristhiam; Talavera, Pedro
2017-05-17Quadratic Feynman loop integrands from massless scattering equationsGomez, Humberto
2019-05-01Scattering equations and a new factorization for amplitudes. Part I. Gauge theoriesGomez, Humberto
2019-05-01Scattering equations and a new factorization for amplitudes. Part II. Effective field theoriesGomez, Humberto; Helset, Andreas
2016-02-24Two-loop superstring five-point amplitude and S -dualityGomez, Humberto; Mafra, Carlos R.; Schlotterer, Oliver
2016-06-01Λ scattering equationsGomez, Humberto