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    • Rearranged Terpenoids from the Marine Sponge Darwinella cf. oxeata and Its Predator, the Nudibranch Felimida grahami 

      A. Ramirez, Maria Camila; Gubiani, Juliana R.; L. Parra, Lizbeth L.; C. Santos, Mario F.; Williams, David E.; D. Ferreira, Daiane; T. Mesquita, Juliana; Tempone, Andre G.; Ferreira, Antonio G.; Padula, Vinícius; Hajdu, Eduardo; Andersen, Raymond J.; S. Berlinck, Roberto G. (Journal of Natural Products, 2017)
      Marine sponges are a rich source of terpenoids with rearranged spongian carbon skeletons. Investigation of extracts from the sponge Darwinella cf. oxeata yielded four new rearranged diterpenoids, oxeatine (2) and oxeatamides ...